New mixed media works by Laura Feeleus, Georgina Montgomery and Louise Oborne


Laura Feeleus works mainly as a painter and textile artist. Themes in her work include nostalgia and play, reflecting imagery of animals, home, travel, and folk art.

Each piece is made of many layers that are intuitively worked and reworked until stories emerge.  Find Laura at her website and on facebook.


Georgina Montgomery is an abstract/contemporary artist working with paint, mixed media, photography, and found objects. Her practice combines a love of abstract expressionism and colour field painting with a fascination in the marvel of our existence.

She’s inspired not only by what scientists, philosophers, poets, and satirists say about the experience of existence, but by the power of visual arts to help us make sense of it all.  Find Georgina at her website and on Instagram.


In her art practice, Louise Oborne explores interactions between natural and human-made environments, how we grapple with nature and place, and how we understand our seen and unseen world.

Memory, emotion, the effects of time, and the tension between the arbitrary and the controlled feature in her painting and mixed media work.  Find Louise at her website and on Instagram.